Introducing photographic artist Ivan Butorac:

His artwork captures the raw organic beauty of plants and tree landscapes in today’s decaying environment.
Ivan digitally transforms his photographs into art forms, and often uses repetition and symmetry to create surreal, haunting patterns and figures of nature, that will leave a permanent imprint on your imagination.

Nature and love are his greatest inspiration.

“…it is so pure and there is no ego in it and everything is working out to perfection…we tend to mess up a lot of things, we all need more love for each other and mother nature” Ivan Butorac

Ivan was born March 9, 1980 in Belgrade, Serbia. Growing up in the war torn country, under malevolent dictator Slobodan Milosevic, he experienced circumstances seemingly unimaginable in a major, cultivated, European country reaching into the 21st Century.  He was witness to immense suffering.

He started transforming these experiences into his artwork, while still continuing his studies at the Academy of Art Braca Karic. Ivan surrounded himself with artistic people, who rebelled against the ongoing war by organizing and participating in nonviolent protests.

Heavily influenced and encouraged by his artistic parents and an art filled home, he experimented with a lot of media. Ivan attempted to paint, write, and draw, but discovered his true talents lie in collage and photography. He started taking pictures, using his father and grandfather’s old camera equipment, and making collages out of old photos.

Now he lives and works in Los Angeles. Ivan started printing his works, already had several art shows and his art on display in numerous locations.