Elizabeth Ortiz – Homage a Giacometti Sculptures

ELIZABETH ORTIZ: Artist prodigy chameleon of the fine & decorative

Her Homage A Giacometti Sculptures are currently on display at our showroom.

Elizabeth was born into a family of successful artists and designers in Santa Fe, New Mexico, a region known for its rich blend of traditional and contemporary art inspired by its landscape, culture and history.

Her grandmother founded Nambe Mills in 1951, a company which grew to produce high-end home accessories now sold worldwide in stores like Bloomingdales, Macy’s and all other “A” stores. Elizabeth’s parents later owned and operated Nambe Mills, including art galleries and foundries, which produced the works of famous artists. Elizabeth was trained in the family businesses in various media and techniques. Her talents evolved further under the personal tutelage of many well-known artists and design professionals.

Inquire for custom commissions and her exquisite lighting line.

Visit her website for a closer look at her versatile talents: www.elizabethortiz.com

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