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Martin Nielaba

MARTIN NIELABA: Fine artist, innovator and inventor

Martin Nielaba was born in Warsaw in 1963 and spent most of his life in Germany, Switzerland, and France. Currently, he is splitting his time between his studios in Burgundy and Warsaw.

He moved to Germany in the early eighties to train professionally at the world-famous fencing center in Tauberbischofsheim and to study at the Sports Academy in Cologne. He then changed his career path in 1985 to completely devote himself to his passion – fine art.

Nielaba’s paintings are not only the result of preserving in the medium the projection of his own imagination but above all, his work is a consistent study, aimed at grasping the most basic aspect of the multidimensional animation of the seemingly lifeless solid mass. He explored painting on a variety of surfaces, using self-developed tools and techniques, analyzing the process of motion through the dynamics of form. His works are the result of the absolute simplification of form and the transfer of knowledge from contemporary science to the universal language of visual art.

Thanks to the resin lacquer coating, Nielaba’s oil paintings can be explored not only through vision but also by touch – a way usually forbidden by museums and galleries. His paintings have been, and are meant to be exhibited outside, in public spaces, in their original form, regardless of weather condition. This is a true innovation in the world of art.

His works of art are currently on display at our showroom.


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