Cygal Art Deco Furniture

Handcrafted In Germany

Cygal Art Deco Furniture


Cygal Art Deco

Cygal Art Deco furniture is the opposite of mass-produced:

We specialize in manufacturing individual furniture with style and personality, just as unique as our clients. The craftsmanship and superiority of material so valued in antiques is still available to this day. Our pieces are made for you with patience, love and meticulous attention to detail.


Cygal Art Deco

While best known for Art Deco furniture, we also boast a line of timeless classical pieces. Our Cordia collection consists of all original designs and is a full line of modern furniture. The rich woods, high gloss finishes and luscious textiles build on our tradition of lasting, classic style, luxurious materials and expert craftsmanship.

These new pieces create transitional, elegant environments and are perfect for modern open space living without being too austere or neutral.

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