Los Angeles Times: Cygal Chairs in Ray Donovan

July 20, 2015
Mike Dion

Cygal Chairs in Ray Donovan Showtime hit series ‘Ray Donovan’ Season 3 showcases LA real estate all over town. The one set that was built is Mr. Finney’s study, a rich, wood-paneled room where he conducts private business matters. “It’s set off the central hallway, so we mimicked that style,” says Yamagata, whose credits include “Californication” and “House of Lies.” “It’s got very classical touches with an older Hollywood Regency style and it’s very masculine. It also has some sinister elements.” Such as? “The glass-topped coffee table with the brass horn base and the moody lighting — things that are sharp and dark.”

 Yamagata and set decorator Betty Berberian furnished the room with pieces from all over the L.A. area:  the beige couch with nail head trim can be custom ordered from Lucas Studio/Harbinger on La Cienega Boulevard and the wood trimmed velvet chairs are available at Cygal Art Deco in the Pacific Design Center, Suite B 303.