Jack Canfield on supportive environments

Each fall, most schools send parents a list of suggestions for helping their kids set up a good study environment at home. The ideal location is quiet, with good lighting, plenty of space to spread out, and with ready access to tools like pencils and calculators. As former students ourselves, we understand how having such a place to study leads to better learning and good grades. But as adults, we often forget how much environments impact our success – and we don’t realize that failing to reach our goals may actually be caused by problems in our environments. That’s why I hope you’ll join me for September’s “Ask Jack Canfield” free tele-training … Ask Jack Canfield: “Creating Supportive Environments Wednesday, September 5, 2012 Your physical environment is only one of 9 environments that impact your results. During this month’s tele-training, you’ll discover: What the 9 environments of success are How to diagnose whether your environments are supporting or hindering your success Common challenges that occur in the different environments … and how to address them How to identify which environment to improve first And more…Reserve your place now.


“Balancing and enhancing the environment where you find yourself today is one of the best ways to energize and manifest your goals, hopes, and dreams for the future.” THE WESTERN GUIDE TO FENG SHUI by Terah Kathryn Collins Beauty and aesthetics are highly personal and subjective. As much as art, furniture and anything decorative, which fills peoples lives and homes. Many of us love to make our home personal and cozy, while others disregard decoration as wasteful and unnecessary. My prior business name – ART CURATES LIFE – underlines my deep knowing that the way we live and what we surround ourselves with influences our state of mind, that it affects our health, our relationships, and our overall livelihood. It reflects who we are, and who we may become as a human being. So what makes for good art, beautiful decor and an inviting home? Is it all about taste? How do we fulfill the need for harmony and balance? Feng Shui suggests by following our intuitive human need to dwell in a space which combines the 5 basic elements making up all of life: Earth, Wood, Water, Fire and Metal Our culture is concerned with energy, “good vibes”, “don’t be […]
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