Bauhaus turns 100 this year

The Secret History of the Bauhaus Bauhaus turns 100 this year. The German art school is best known for its minimal unadorned designs that combine clean curves and geometry and for its embrace of the technical and the commercial. (See the Barcelona chair by Mies van der Rohe and Lilly Reich; or the sleep MT8 lamp by William Wagenfeld and …

The Bauhaus movement: Where to celebrate its 100th anniversary

Why is Bauhaus such a big deal in design? From Weimar to Tel Aviv, visit the monuments to this century-old revolution. BY ANDREW CURRY ARTICLE PUBLISHED IN NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC | OCT 19, 2011 THAT IPHONE IN your pocket? Your simple Ikea bookshelf? The glass box architecture of your local office park? You can thank a century-old design movement for their sleek …

Art Deco Style

The term “Art Deco” has become a collective term for almost any object of conscious design, whether sophisticated or naïve, if it was created between the First and Second World Wars. Included in this bewildering array are objects arising from opposite philosophies and representing all levels of aesthetic quality. Art Deco, as the term is used today, has been applied especially to the decorative arts (furniture, ceramics, silver, interior design) as well as to architecture, graphics, painting and sculpture. Artists as different as Mies van der Rohe and Marie Larencin, Fernand Leger and Rene Lalique have been included under the broad umbrella of this stylistic term.

Introduction to Art Deco Design

The Art Deco – also called style moderne – movement in the decorative arts and architecture originated in the 1920s, and developed into a major style in Western Europe and the United States during the 1930s. Its name was derived from the Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs et Industriels Modernes, held in Paris in 1925, where the style was first exhibited.

Macassar Ebony

Macassar ebony, Indian ebony, marble wood, coromandel, calamander wood, tendu, temru, tunki, timbruni. Ebony is a collective trade name given to all species of Diospyros, which have a predominately black heartwood, by contrast to the North American white ebony, also known as persimmon. Macassar ebony from Indonesia is more variegated still. With a heartwood that is dark brown to black interspersed with contrasting bands of yellow to golden brown, Macassar ebony yields a bold and attractive look by offsetting the darkest of the dark woods with a variety of color.


ECHOES GIULIANO BEKOR ART: Internationally recognized photographer holds a portfolio that includes fashion, beauty, celebrity, advertising, and fine art. Electric and sensual, Echoes captures the interplay of oil, water and organic materials as they bleed together in an languid environment. Shot in- camera with no special digital effects, this series renders a shape shifting and often kaleidoscopic vision of sexuality, …

Weho Ville June 2015: Cygal Art Deco

Cygal Art Deco now at PDC PDC, the heart of WEHO design district, attracting new global luxury brands. The new showrooms include Cygal Art Deco, which features the Peter Cygal Memory collection, inspired by the Art Deco period and the new Spring line Cordia. “We have already seen an improvement in our sales since relocating to PDC,” said Cygal partner …

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Go Design Go May 2015: Cygal Art Deco

New to the PDC this year is Cygal, an Art Deco furniture company founded in 1985 by designer and artist Peter Cygal. His son and successor Marcus has inherited the passion for Art Deco from his father and recently introduced two new collections: Peter Cygal Memory and Cordia. Memory represents the glamorous style of the French Art Deco of the …

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Emaux de Longwy @ PDC, Suite B303

Emaux de Longwy is exclusively available at the CA Exclusives|Cygal Art Deco Showroom B 303 in the Pacific Design Center. Finally you can buy their fine decorative art objects and vases in the USA.