Art Deco

Whilst researching the Art Deco style, and its resurgence in the late 1960’s, I came across this wonderfully written and informative essay in the publishing content of the amazing THE RENAISSANCE SOCIETY at the University of Chicago. This essay explains and highlights the many different styles within the Art Deco style, and reflects a much more inclusive, deeper understanding of the style than the introductory blog post on the basics of the Art Deco style posted last week. Art Deco LOUIS J. NATENSHON, KATHARINE L. KEEFE, 1973 The term “Art Deco” has become a collective term for almost any object of conscious design, whether sophisticated or naïve, if it was created between the First and Second World Wars. Included in this bewildering array are objects arising from opposite philosophies and representing all levels of aesthetic quality. Art Deco, as the term is used today, has been applied especially to the decorative arts (furniture, ceramics, silver, interior design) as well as to architecture, graphics, painting and sculpture. Artists as different as Mies van der Rohe and Marie Larencin, Fernand Leger and Rene Lalique have been included under the broad umbrella of this stylistic term. Art Deco is an abbreviation of the […]


Enjoy this educational introduction to the Art Deco style mostly as found on Encyclopædia Britannica. You can easily look up terminology and creators relevant to the period by following the links in the text.  ART DECO MOVEMENT AND STYLE The Art Deco – also called style moderne – movement in the decorative arts and architecture originated in the 1920s, and developed into a major style in Western Europe and the United States during the 1930s. Its name was derived from the Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs et Industriels Modernes, held in Paris in 1925, where the style was first exhibited. Art Deco design represented modernism turned into fashion. Its products included both individually crafted luxury items and mass-produced wares, but, in either case, the intention was to create a sleek, anti-traditional elegance that symbolized wealth and sophistication. The distinguishing features of the style are simple, clean shapes, often with a “streamlined” look; ornament that is geometric or stylized from representational forms; and unusually varied, often expensive materials, which frequently include man-made substances (plastics, especially Bakelite; vita-glass; and ferroconcrete) in addition to natural ones (jade, silver, ivory, obsidian, chrome, and rock crystal). Though Art Deco objects were rarely mass-produced, the characteristic features of the style reflected admiration for the modernity […]

Macassar Ebony

Ebony – one of the most precious & expensive woods in the world SCIENTIFIC NAMES Diospyros celebica or Diospyros macassar of the Family Ebenaceae. The rough translation of Diospyros is “fruit of the gods.” OTHER NAMES Macassar ebony, Indian ebony, marble wood, coromandel, calamander wood, tendu, temru, tunki, timbruni. Ebony is a collective trade name given to all species of Diospyros, which have a predominately black heartwood, by contrast to the North American white ebony, also known as persimmon. Macassar ebony from Indonesia is more variegated still. With a heartwood that is dark brown to black interspersed with contrasting bands of yellow to golden brown, Macassar ebony yields a bold and attractive look by offsetting the darkest of the dark woods with a variety of color. The name Macassar is most likely from the famous Macassar seaport on the islands. Some retailers have used the term Macassar ebony for any ebony that has a high contrast of light and dark streaks, although most people today limit the term to the species Diospyros celebica. PROPERTIES Macassar ebony is a prized wood. Its uses include high-end furniture and cabinetry, inlay work, musical instruments, billiard cues and other specialty items like jewelry boxes or walking sticks. Its sapwood, which is not […]


  ECHOES GIULIANO BEKOR: Internationally recognized photographer holds a portfolio that includes fashion, beauty, celebrity, advertising, and fine art. Electric and sensual, Echoes captures the interplay of oil, water and organic materials as they bleed together in an languid environment. Shot in- camera with no special digital effects, this series renders a shape shifting and often kaleidoscopic vision of sexuality, rapture, creation and transcendental experience of bliss. No two frames are alike. As the eyes linger abstract forms appear as characters – creatures, animals, human faces. Colors dissolve like an audio vibration that shiftsand collides with its surroundings. With 30 years in the industry, Giuliano has perfected his craft to an exceptional level of expertise. Composed of light, color, space and form, he brings ideas conceptualized in his own imagination into reality throughout his work. Currently living between New York and Los Angeles, Giuliano is often on the move traveling for work and inspiration. Always the restless visionary, he never ceases to continually express his fresh and nuanced style. THE ARTIST WILL BE PRESENT IN PERSON FOR THE RECEPTION on MARCH 22, 2018 6-9 pm 

Giuliano Bekor @ Cygal Art Deco in PDC

Giuliano Bekor Join us for the opening on the day of Fall Market October 6th, 2016 2-5pm RSVP here  

Los Angeles Magazine: Marisabel Bazan

My lovely friend and artist Marisabel Bazan found this fabulous little surprise in her inbox yesterday…her own mural has been picked to uplift our days and instagram!! For years now, I have felt the good vibes jumping off her canvases and lighting up public spaces internationally and of course here in our elected home town of Los Angeles. It is only good to see more people are catching on…. Dream Big Artist: Marisabel Bazan Location: John & Pete’s Fine Wine and Spirits, 621 N La Cienega Blvd.  

West Hollywood Lifestyle

West Hollywood Lifestyle presents: Cygal Art Deco: Handcrafted in Germany – built to last! Our new spread in West Hollywood Lifestyle Magazine. The sideboard is made of gorgeous Macassar with black high gloss details. The hardware is also cast by us, modeled on original Art Deco era handles, we found to be the best match for this timelessly classic piece.    

Los Angeles Times July 2015: Cygal Chairs in ‘Ray Donovan’

Showtime hit series ‘Ray Donovan’ Season 3 showcases LA real estate all over town. The one set that was built is Mr. Finney’s study, a rich, wood-paneled room where he conducts private business matters. “It’s set off the central hallway, so we mimicked that style,” says Yamagata, whose credits include “Californication” and “House of Lies.” “It’s got very classical touches with an older Hollywood Regency style and it’s very masculine. It also has some sinister elements.” Such as? “The glass-topped coffee table with the brass horn base and the moody lighting — things that are sharp and dark.”  Yamagata and set decorator Betty Berberian furnished the room with pieces from all over the L.A. area:  the beige couch with nail head trim can be custom ordered from Lucas Studio/Harbinger on La Cienega Boulevard and the wood trimmed velvet chairs are available at Cygal Art Deco in the Pacific Design Center, Suite B 303.

ca home design June 2015: Cygal Art Deco

Still celebrating their 40 year anniversary, the Pacific Design Center has announced several new luxury brands to expand their already impressive showroom and design collection. Accompanying favorites like Duralee Fabrics and Thomas Lavin, coming this fall will be prestigious textile purveyors, Holland & Sherry and Samuel and Sons, Cygal Art Deco, J|Geiger Shading Technology, and James Perse Furniture. California home design report on showroom gains in PDC

Weho Ville June 2015: Cygal Art Deco

PDC, the heart of WEHO design district, attracting new global luxury brands. The new showrooms include Cygal Art Deco, which features the Peter Cygal Memory collection, inspired by the Art Deco period and the new Spring line Cordia. “We have already seen an improvement in our sales since relocating to PDC,” said Cygal partner Catrine Alexandra. “We are in the higher-section of the market, so it’s terrific that clients coming to PDC already know what they are looking for.” Cygal Art Deco moved from La Cienega Boulevard as will Holland & Sherry later this summer. Holland & Sherry are weavers and merchants of luxury fabrics.
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